Media Center Reference Links

Reference Links

AlternaTime (Timelines)
American FactFinder (U.S. Census)
CIA World Factbook
Information Please Almanac Online
Fifty States of the United States

Infonation (UN--country sort)
Movie Database
This Day in History (History Channel)

World Almanac (OCLC)

Academy of Achievement (interviews)
American Founding Fathers

BioSearch at (A&E)
Biography Center
Distinguished Women of Past & Present
EyeWitness to History
Find A Grave

StoryVault (first-hand accounts of history)
From History to Her Story
From Revolution To Reconstruction
Inventor Hall of Fame

Kings and Queens of England & Scotland
Minnesota Author Biographies Project
Nobel Prize Internet Archive
Presidents and First Ladies
Women Who Changed History (Britannica)

Fun Works (Occupation/Career activities)
High School Study Skills
Indeed (Job Search)
Mapping Your Future
Occupational Employment Stats (MN)
Occupational Outlook Handbook
Salary Comparison Calculator

Before You Post Your Work (copyright)
Copyright and Fair Use
Podcasting Legal Guide

Acronyma or Acronym Finder
American Sign Language Browser
Basic Dictionary of ASL Terms
Dictionary of Measures, Units, Conversions
Dictionary of Units of Measurement
Duhaime's Legal Dictionary

Getty Geography Thesaurus
MedlinePlus Medical Dictionary
Merriam-Webster Online
OneLook Dictionary
Online Express (Rhyming Dictionary)
RhymeZone (Rhyming Dictionary)
Visuwords (visual dictionary associations)

ACT (College Entrance Test)
College Atlas (Post-Secondary Schools)
College Board
CollegeNET (College Guige)
College Scholarships (Education Corner)
College Scholarships (directory)
FinAid (Guide to financial aid)
Federal Student Aid (Federal application...)
FastWeb (Scholarship website)
ISeek (Employment & post-secondary ed.)
Minnesota Office of Higher Education

MNCIS Into Careers (Find schools!)
NCAA Eligibility Site (Required for NCAA)
Sallie Mae (Student Loan Provider)
U.S. Two-Year Colleges

Zinch (stand out more than an ACT)

Behind the name (etymology of names)
Canadian Encyclopedia

Debatepedia (debate topics)
Dictionary of the History of Ideas
Encyclopaedia of the Orient
Encyclopedia Mythica
Instrument Encyclopedia
Internet Archive (Old Web Sites--staff only)
MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia

MNopedia (MN Historical Society)
Perseus Digital Library. (Greeks, Romans)
Prime: Mathematics Encyclopedia

Project Bartleby (Great resource!)
Yahoo Reference (Columbia Encyclopedia)
Wikipedia (For general  info. only; don't cite!)

Government (MN & local)
Association of Minnesota Counties
Lawmoose (MN Legal Reference Library)
League of Minnesota Cities
Minnesota Association of Townships
Minnesota DNR (Dept. of Natural Resources)
Minnesota Digital Library (Historic images)
Minnesota E-Democracy
Minnesota League of Women Voters
Minnesota Legislative Web
Minnesota North Star
Minnesota Public Radio
Minnesota State Court System
Minnesota Statutes, Session Laws, & Rules
Minnesota Web Directory (School Websites)

Government (State & National):
Ben's Guide To Government (How gov't works)
Census for Schools
Congress Merge: Power Search
Congress Link (resources, tips, guides)
Constitution Center (Search and learn)

DocuTicker (Daily updates on top topics)
EDGAR (Securities & Exchange Comm.)
Education Statistics at a Glance
FedStats (Stats to 100+ federal agencies)
FindLaw Supreme Court Center ( for kids)
Library of Congress
State Governments (LOC resources)
State Statutes on the Internet (Cornell Law)
Thomas (LOC Congressional Record, etc.) Links to information about Congress
Occupational Outlook Handbook
Occupational Employment Stats (MN)
OYEZ: U.S. Supreme Court Multimedia
U.S. Government Manual
U. S. House of Representatives
U. S. Senate
University of Michigan Documents Center (Portal of all US Gov. Sites) Teen Page
U.S. Courts

The White House

NOAA (current temperatures map)

History Collections:
American Memory Project (Lib. of Congress)
British Library Treasures in Full
British Library Online Books
CBC Canadian Radio Archives
Footnote (Primary Sources, Nat'l Archives)
Making of America (Primary Sources)

Miller Center (gov't and presidents)
Minnesota Digital Library (MN Archives)
Minnesota Digital Newspaper Hub (archives)
Minnesota History Society (videos 1940-1989)
Minnesota Reflections (Historical MN)
Museum of Broadcast Communications

American Hospital Directory
Directory of Open Access Journals
EarthCam. (World webcam index)
ERIC via US Dept of Education (Education)
GCSE Bitesize (BBC topic searches)
Library Spot (Links to online reference)
MedlinePlus (US Nat'l Institute of Health)?
MnKnows (portal to Elm databases)

PubMed (National Library of Medicine)
PsychCrawler (Am. Psychology Association)
Where To Live (real estate search)

Images (primary sources):
NY Public Library Digital Collection
100 Years of Photos (Nat'l Archives)
Smithsonian Image Collections
American Memory (LOC)
Historical Cartoons (Harper's Weekly)
Posters (By the People, For the People)
Poster Art from WWII

Periodic Table of Visualizations (Infographics)
Kathy Schrock's Guide to Infographics (lists)

Minnesota Braille and Talking Book Library
Bettendorf Public Library (find book in series)
California Digital Library (from the U of Cal.)
Chicago Public Library (online collection)
Internet Public Library
Library of Congress
Minnesota Digital Library (MN Archives)
Minnesota Reflections (Historical MN)

Minnesota Video Vault (by tpt public TV)
New Books Network (podcasts w/ authors)
North Carolina ECHO 
NYPL Digital (New York Public Library)

Maps & Atlases:
36 Maps that Explain the World (CNN)
American Memory (Historyical Maps-LOC)
American Revolution Maps

CIA World Factbook.
Civil War Maps (LOC)
Color Landform Atlas of the United States
David Rumsey Historical Map Collection
Earth and Moon Viewer
GeoHive (stats and demographics)
Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names
GIS Maps (MN Legislative Commission)
Google Maps
Historic Maps in K12 Classrooms
Historical Atlas of the Twentieth Century
HRW World Atlas
Infonation (UN--sort and compare countries)
LOC Map Collections: 1544-1996 (Historic)
Map Collection
MapMachine (National Geographic)
Maps of Our Lives (Congress & LOC)
MapTech MapServer (Topographical maps)
Minnesota Climatology
Minnesota DNR Topographic Maps
Minnesota Historical Maps (MN Hist. Soc.)
Minnesota on the Web (Map Library)
Minnesota Place Names (MN Hist. Society.)
Minnesota State Highway Map

MLA Maps (view language speaking areas)
National Geologic Map Database
National Map
National Geographic Xpeditions

National Geographic Maps and Geography
Panoramic Maps (1849-1929, LOC)
Periodical Historical Atlas of Europe
Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection
Regions and Countries
Solar System Live 
Solar System Simulator (From NASA-JPL.)
TerraFly (Fly over the US)
Topographical Map Symbols
U.S. Geological Society
->USGS Maps
U.S. Map Collections
U.S. National Atlas
->Dynamic Maps (with multimedia)
Map Maker (over 1,200 map layers)
Printable Maps

Views of the Solar System
Wikisky (Astronomy, stellar maps)
World Maps


Google Maps Engine Lite (create maps with layers--directions)

Multi-Media Resources:

Search Creative Commons
(open use media--see terms of use)

Image Archives:
Creative Commons
(images, etc.)

Cepolina Photo (Photos for school use)
FindSounds (sound effects, etc.)
Free Play Music (Music clips to download)
Life Photo Library (by Google)
Live Music Archive (free for educational use)
Moving Image Archive (video clip search)
Open Source ClipArt
Pics4Learning (indexed picture archive)
Cell Image Library (for science)
Glogpedia (free Glogster posters to use)
Wikimedia Commons (free media)
The Commons (on Flickr)
Flickr Creative Commons content (advanced search interface)
Open Clipart (public domain clipart)
Color Scheme Designer 3 (color chooser)

Video Archives:
FedFlix (best videos of US Gov't.)

Prelinger (education, ads, industrial)
Old Time Radio Shows
SnagFilms (documentaries)
LOC "American Memory" Video
LOC "American Memory" Audio
LOC "American Memory" Silent Films

MorgueFile (free pictures)
Moving Image Archive (public domain)
Public Domain Review (public domain)
B-Roll Gallery (Nat'l Parks-free to use)
Internet Archive (staff only)

Multimedia Tutorials:
Mediacollege (free tutorial downloads)

Musopen (open sheet music, recordings)
CC Mixter (creative commons samples, etc.)

Museums Online:
American Museum of Photography
The British Museum
Exploratorium (San Fran. Museum of Sci.)

International Council of Museums (Links)
Smithsonian Institute
Virtual Library Museum Pages (Links)

Google Art Project
10 of the best virtual field trips

Odd and Interesting:
Baby Names
Key dates (from a school site)
Mysteries of Vernacular (Word Origins)
Politifact (fact checker site)
Snopes (check rumors & alerts)
Spritz (read faster)
They Rule (Boards of directors)
Think Big (Blog and video site)
(Realtime world statistics)

Primary Sources:
Primary Source Links
List of primary source sites

Familiar quotations
GIGA Quotes
Phrase Finder
Simpson's Contemporary Quotations

iKnow! (Japanese online learning site)
School of Everything (online classes)


Virtual Field Trips
The White House (with cameras)

Kare11 (weather page)

World Organization:
DirectGov (
Government of Canada Online
North Atlantic Treaty Organization, (NATO)
Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, (OECD)
Organization of American States, (OAS)
United Nations, (UN)
United Nations ODS Search (UN)
United Nations Children's Fund, (UNICEF)
UN Educational, Scientific, & Cultural
Organization, (UNESCO)
World Health Organization, (WHO)

Poetry publishing (w/ email submissions)
The Tougue Untied: (Grammar)