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Enrichment Links

rice gameFree Rice Game!

Great new vocabulary game that also allows you to earn rice for people in need!

Gaming is not allowed in the DCHS computer labs. However, if you finish your work early, you may want to try out some of these educational activities to extend your learning.

Because some of these sites include audio, you will need to turn your computer's sound off or use headphones, so you don't disturb those working around you. Have fun learning!

Catch the numbers (See how quick you are.)

Air Controller Game

Learn to be flight controller. Play the game.

Click here for more NASA games.
Click here for Kinetic City science games.

bbcBBC Subject Area Game Room-Look for games based on different subject areas and age level.

Brain Development Games
Mega Miner (concentration, thinking speed, problem solving)
Chess (logic)
Word Bump (vocabulary and cognitive control)

Subject Area Games
Social Studies
Language Arts
Consumer Jungle
Online Typing Course
Timed Typing Test
Media Literacy
Media Awareness

Logic Games
Cube Rubic
Loop The City

Circle the Cat
Cross the River
(file will open in excel)

Text Twist
Free Rice (learn vocabulary and earn rice for the needy)
Word Roundup
Shadow Poetry--Online magnetic poetry
Vocab. Test

Physics Games



Social Studies
Geography Game-Middle East
For more, see below ...


Social Studies
The Amazing Travel Bureau--Interactive Comic Book of History Mysteries
BBC History Games (also listed below)

Ancient History
Anglo-Saxon Coins - Try your hand at identifying six coins from the era
Death in Rome - You have until dawn to gather evidence and catch a killer
Death in Sakkara - Plunge into murder and mysticism in the hunt for a missing archaeologist
Gladiator: Dressed to Kill Game - Prepare a gladiator for battle in the arena of death
Iron Age Life - Acquire the skills to keep warm, fed and clothed
Mummy Maker - Prepare the body of Ramose, officer to the king, for burial
Pyramid Challenge - Complete the construction of the pharaoh's tomb
Viking Quest - Build a ship, loot a monastery and claim your prize

Dig Deeper Quiz - Test your knowledge of ancient history and archaeology
Diver's Quest - Explore the perils of the deep and discover the treasure
Hunt the Ancestor - Complete your dig before the developers move in

British History
Ancient Objects Game - Match the artefacts to the correct time period
Battlefield Academy - Defeat the Academy's Artificial Intelligence in four challenging battles
Battlefield Academy: Refight Trafalgar! - Match Nelson's greatest victory with this Special Edition of the Academy
Church Interiors Challenge - Do you know your transepts from your apses?
Elizabethan Spying Game - Crack Mary's code to uncover the assassination plot
Gunpowder Plot Game - Test your knowledge of the infamous conspiracy with this interactive quiz
Muck and Brass - Balance profits against the cost in lives with this Industrial Revolution game
Paint the Cathedral - Restore Wells Cathedral to its former glory
The Battle of Hastings Game - Discover the tactics and try putting them into practice
The Battle of Waterloo Game - Discover the tactics and try putting them into practice
The Roots of English Game - Compose a poem and discover its origins
Tudors and Victorians: Dressing Up - Can you sort out your britches from your ruffs?
Weapons Through Time - Test your military knowledge with this weapons quiz
Who Wants to Be a Cotton Millionaire? - Could you make it in this cut-throat Victorian trade
Whose House? - Match up eight famous historic characters with their rooms
Women's Rights Quiz - Test your knowledge of the rights of Victorian women

World Wars
SOE Quiz: Destination D-Day - Complete a sabotage mission behind enemy lines
The Battle of the Atlantic Game - Defeat the U-boats and guide your convoy to safety

Geography Game-Name states
Geography Quiz (state abbreviations and capitals)
The Great History Mystery—Identify famous Americans
Inside the White House (from National Geographic)
Lewis and Clark (from National Geographic)
Pirates! (from National Geographic)
Postal Service Quizzes
Transportation games
United Nations Flag Tag